How to shop from

Open your browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, and Google Chrome) in a computer with internet facility.

Type in the address bar.

Click the 'Enter' key in your keyboard. The website will open in a while depending on internet speed. It will look somewhat like the following:

As you can see, you can either search for the product of your choice from product 'Categories' or choose a product from the lists of 'Featured Products' or 'Product Highlight'.

For instance, choose a product (eg. Flower) from the 'Featured Products' list. We get the following screen:

You can either Add to Cart to buy the product or Add to Wishlist.

Click on 'Continue Shopping' to continue shopping. Or else, click on 'Check Out'.

Follow the above process to continue shopping with other product/s. You can remove any item you have added to cart/wishlist by checking the empty check-box below 'REMOVE' option and clicking on 'Update' to update the changes.

Click on the 'Checkout' button.

Enter your E-mail address and password if you are a registered customer.

If you are a new customer, enter the necessary information in the 'New Customer' and 'Shipping Details' fields to sign up.

Click on 'Sign Up'.

To log-in, enter the E-mail address and Password you provided during sign-up in the 'Returning Customer' field.

Click on the 'Log in' button.

Click on 'My Cart' button on the right hand side of the page.

Click on 'Check Out' after updating changes if any.

Edit 'Address Information' field if needed. Also choose the 'Location' and 'Delivery Option'.

Click on 'Proceed to checkout' button.

You will reach the 'Confirmation' page which looks like this:

Enter any relevant information, if you want, in the empty field.

Check the 'I agree to the above terms and conditions' box.

Click on the 'Check Out' button. The following screen appears:

Enter your eSewa User Name and Password (Sign up for an eSewa account if you do not have one).

Enter the security code.

Click on the 'Login' button. The following screen appears:

Click on 'Confirm'. You will get the following message:

Click on 'Proceed' to continue buying new items.

Click on 'Log off' on the top right hand side of the page to log out once you are done with online shopping.

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